Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentists have the training and access to the latest dental technologies to help you with all your cosmetic dentistry needs. This includes the more common procedures like teeth whitening and dental veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth discolored, stained or otherwise not looking as white and bright as you would like? Sometimes people’s teeth become discolored over time – especially due to daily habits like smoking, or drinking coffee, tea or wine. We can help you achieve a dazzling white smile with teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Karia’s teeth whitening system produces fast and noticeable results. Outstanding results can be achieved through in office professional teeth whitening systems and and through very powerful at home self whitening treatments.

Dental Veneers

If your teeth are worn down, damaged, discolored, misaligned or crooked, a good solution might be to use dental veneers to create a straighter, natural-looking smile. Dr. Karia provides dental veneer treatments to patients who want a better-looking smile without the need for more intensive options like orthodontics.

With dental veneers, a thin piece of porcelain or composite material is placed and cemented onto the surface of the tooth – it’s like adding an extra layer to the front of the tooth, covering up any imperfections. Dental veneers serve as a sturdy “mask” for your teeth, and look just like natural teeth.

White fillings

If you have a cavity, you need to have a filling put in to replace the decayed tooth material that is removed. But what if you don’t like the look of the typical silver/metallic dental fillings? Or what if your cavity is in a visible spot near the front of your mouth? White fillings are a great solution that can address both of these issues.

Our cosmetic dentists use white fillings made of composite resin that looks more natural and matches the color of the surrounding tooth. By using white fillings, it’s hard to see that a cavity was ever there.  Look no further than We Care Dental to to find a cosmetic dentist that is the best cosmetic dentist / the top cosmetic dentist in town.